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The Major function of the Commercial department is to generate revenue through the sale of journey tickets to the traveling public. The commercial department also does the booking of parcels offered by the customers for transportation through rail. For customers who wish to transport the goods in large quantities through rail, the commercial department books them through wagon loads and train loads, Redressal of claims and refunds arising out of cancellation of tickets etc. is also the job of the commercial department. Public grievances arising out of unsatisfactory services provided by the Railway and feedback by the customers are registered and redressed by the commercial department. Moreover the commercial department is ever inclined to coordinate with other departments of Railways in order to provide better services to the passengers expeditiously.

Senior Divisional Commercial Manager ( Sr.DCM) is the head of the Commercial Branch at divisional level. In discharging his duties, presently he is assisted by two Divisional Commercial Managers (DCMs) and two Assistant Commercial Manager (ACM).

For smooth functioning of the office, different sections are formed in the office viz. Coaching Section, Goods Section, General Section, Accounts Section, Stores Section, Catering section, Despatch Section etc amongst which the subjects dealt by the Commercial Branch are allocated. Chief Office Superintendent (Ch.OS) will be the overall incharge of all the sections the Office. Each of the section is again looked after by a Chief Office Superintendent or an Office Superintendent and all the correspondence and file movement is routed to the officers from the concerned section through the Section OS and Ch.OS. 

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-07-2016