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Functions of Personnel Department

1. Administrative Functions

2. Advisory Functions

3. Industrial Relations

4. Welfare Functions

5. Human Resource Development

  The Personnel Branch of Vijayawada Division deals with all aspects of human resource management right from recruitment to retirement.  It is headquartered at 1st floor.  The role of Personnel Department in a vast organisation needs no specific mention.

The Personnel Branch is headed by Sr. DPO and is assisted by DPO and 4 APOs.  Some of the major activities done by the department in brief are as under:-

* Recruitment

* Training

* Postings, transfers

* Conduct of selections

* Maintenance of Service Registers and Leave charts

* Preparation and maintenance of Seniority lists

* Conduct of negotiating meeting with organized labour

* Conduct of informal meeting with welfare association

* Welfare activities for the employees as well as for their wards

* Sanction of all interest advances like HBA, Scooter, Computer etc

* Sanction of interest free advances like PF Loan, Festival Advance etc

* Payment of ex-gratia

* Arranging settlement dues to the retiring staff

* Arranging settlement dues to the deceased employees, voluntarily retired employees.

* Sanction of Secondary family pension

* Dealing with court cases

* Dealing with RTI applications

* Absorption of medically decategorised staff in an alternative post

* Issue of identity  cum Medical cards to  the serving as well as retired employees

* Maintenance of Book of Sanctions

* Appointment of wards on compassionate grounds

* Allotment of Railway Quarters.

* Drawal of Salaries to officers and staff of BZA division

(P. Nehemiah, IRPS)


Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 11-01-2018