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Safety is the paramount responsibility of each and every Railway employee. Individual executive and technical departments look after and are accountable for safety within their own departments. The Safety department assists the management in monitoring the implementation of safety measures on the Railways and in developing strategies to improve the safety record. The department keeps a vigil over the safe transportation of men and material to detect lacunae in working, conducts inspections to determine if the rules and procedures governing the running of trains are being followed, and maintains liaison with all departments concerned with train operations. The safety department also gets inquiries conducted into accidents and monitors the follow up action that results from such inquiries.


Safety consciousness amongst Railway employee is promoted through man to man counselling, safety circulars, safety seminars and safety drives. The Public is made more aware of their role in improving Railway Safety through distribution of posters and pamphlets, plays, advertisements in the local media, cinema slides etc.


Regular reviews of the rules and systems of working are conducted with a view to improving safety and efficiency. Safety Inspection and for that matter all inspections are to be conducted meaningfully and diligently not only to detect the shortcomings and failures at the individual levels but more importantly at the system and procedure level. Continuous introduction of new technologies in all fields connected with train running viz. Track, Loco, Signaling, OHE etc. calls for up gradation of knowledge and procedures.Inspecting officials can play very important role in this regard.


At divisional level, Senior Divisional Safety officer heads the Safety wing, reports to DRM, assisted by 5 safety counsellors and one TI/safety.

At Head Quarters level, safety organisation is headed by Chief Safety officer, who directly reports to General Manager. CSO is assisted by five Dy. Chief Safety officers, one each drawn from five major disciplines viz. Traffic, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Signal & Telecommunication Departments.

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Safety Audit and Performance

Safety Drives and  Circulars and General Circulars

Other activities of safety branch

Safety seminar

Safety Propaganda

Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-07-2016