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SC division is  the largest division in S.C.Rilway with good mix of coaching, goods and other activities 

is having 2 major coaching depots(SC & HYB), 1 minor coaching depot (KZJ), 3 major freight depots (RDM,

BPA, SNF), 1 mixed depot(BDCR) and 2 points(DKJ & PRLI) for mixed activities. 

Organizational Structure:

The details of activities of depots are as below:

Coaching activities:

Main functions of coaching depots:

  •      Primary Maintenance: 

                    Owns total responsibility of maintenance including schedule attention.

  •       Secondary Maintenance: 

                   Pit line maintenance is given like primary trains except attention of prescribed schedules as


                   these are owned by other depots/divisions.

  •        Turn Round Maintenance:

                   Interior dry cleaning, toilet cleaning, watering is done for trains which return from platform.

  •        Pass through Attention: 

                  Watering, toilet cleaning minimum required passenger amenity will be done for passing

                  through trains.

  •        Rolling-in & Rolling-out examination:

                  This will be done for all PM, SM, Turnaround & nominated pass-through trains.

  •         Sick Line Maintenance:

                  Intermediate Overhaul of Coaches and attention to sick marked coaches.

  •         OBHS (On Board Housekeeping Services):

                 11 trains in the division are covered under this service which is an outsourced activity.

  •         Other Miscellaneous Activities:

•     Stores Management.

•     Mill Wright (Wheel lathe, EOT crane, Fork lift etc).

•     A.C. curtain maintenance.

•     Maintenance of SLR Safety equipments.      

•     Break down Maintenance and activities.

•     Inspection carriage maintenance.

•     Contract management.

Freight Activities:

         Freight examination in yard:


                             3 types of examination is carried out in the division

                   Closed Circuit:

                   Will be certified for 7,500 kms/35 days whichever is earlier and these

                    rakes will have base depots and supposed to run in nominated circuit.



                   Will be certified for 12+3 days and does not have base depots.

                   End to End:

                   Will be certified for first loading point to immediate unloading point only.

          Sick line attention:

                            At major freight train examination points facilities are provided for sick attention

                           of wagons to carry out - wheel changing, medium welding repairs to body and

                            under gear, medium nature draft gear attention.

          On train attention of repairs:

                            During train examination minor and medium welding repairs and replacement of CC

                            pads/EM pads and bolster springs etc. will be attended on-train without detachment of


              ROH of wagons:

                           Routine overhaul will be done mainly for BOXN, BOBR at Ramagundam.

                           In addition, occasionally BCN, BRN wagons will also be given ROH attention.

         Mobile TXR gangs are deployed for re-validation of BPC of Engineering stock

         where they are available and attention to wayside detached sick wagons.

         Miscellaneous activities:

                          1. Stores Management.

                          2. Yard cleaning, scrap collection and disposal.

                          3. Breakdown activities if attached.

                          4. Monitoring of weigh bridges.

                          5. Management of fire extinguishers through AMC.

          Breakdown specials:

                     The following breakdown specials are under control of Mechanical / C&W department.







re-railing equipment


COWANS SHELDON 140 T. crane with LUCAS re-railing equipment






ART with MFD

re-railing equipment




      Training centre:

                     Training centre is based at Ramagundam freight depot for imparting training to Group 'C' &
               Group 'D' staff.


Type of course

Category of staff


Induction Course

RRB & CG appointed Artisans

Induction Course

Group-D staff

Refresher Course


Pre-promotional Course

Group-D to Group-C

Electronic in-motion weigh bridges:

5 electronic in-motion weigh bridges are maintained by this department and they are located at Manikgarh(MAGH), Karimnagar(KRMR), Kazipet(KZJ) & Chittapur(CT), Tondalagopravaram(TNGM) stations. In addition, installation of 2 more EIMBs are under progress at SC & HYB stations and proposals are initiated for 3 EIMBs at Charlapalli(CHZ), Shankarpalli(SKP) & Tadakalpudi(TPY).

Linen Management:

Mechanical C&W Department has taken over linen management from Commercial Department with effect from 1.6.2010.

Supply, commissioning & operation of Mechanised laundry of 1 ton capacity at SC coaching depot:

Mechanised Laundry of 1 ton capacity has been commissioned on 24.12.2010 for washing, ironing & packing of 2000 bed roll sets per day
to improve the washing quality of linen.

1    System improvements & Innovations:

      Emergency Discharge System (CDTS): In further pursuance to find solutions to coaches with CDTS to ensure discharge of night soil from CDTS before placing onto pit lines, a new innovative device has been developed to address such problems. As we know that, CDTS works on output signal from axle/GPS based, speed sensing of above 30 kmph, to solenoid valve to actuate pneumatic valve to operate and open bottom slide valve to allow free discharge of night soil by gravity from CDTS. As previous innovation allows giving a simulated speed signal to give input signal to solenoid valve to test CDTS in still condition with electric power & pneumatic pressure is on, whereas the present innovation in stationary (still) condition of coach where electric power & pneumatic pressure is not available. With the help of this device directly bottom discharge valve can be opened with the air pressure generated by the device. This new instrument will come handy for discharging of CDTS by opening bottom slide valve in absence of power & air.

Pasting of stickers on toilet doors:

As advised by head quarters pasting of stickers on toilet doors, indicating passengers not to use toilets when train stops at station has been completed on all coaches. These are well made stickers guiding passengers in three languages viz., Hindi, English and Telugu to keep coach and toilets clean and not to use toilets when train was stopped at station and additional quantity is also kept ready with CDOs to provide on any new coach/OFF POH coaches. So far 4295 stickers have been pasted in all 1131 coaches based in the division.

On-train welding in coal loading sidings:

SC division is the first to introduce in Indian Railways the innovative system of on-train welding in coal loading sidings to avoid empty running of BOXN wagons.This provision is made available at Manuguru, Rudrampur, Singareni, Manchiryal & Malkaid sidings. This has yielded good results in reduction of wagon rejections at sidings and resulted in in-direct additional earnings.

Highlights/Events of the October 2013

Punctuality Performance:

The direct and indirect punctuality loss on coaching train account for the first half of the current year is NIL. This is best ever punctuality performance achieved by the division.

Gel treatment for cockroaches:

On trial measures Hit Roach Gel was applied in 3 non AC and 2 AC coaches of 1702 express and the results are encouraging.

Drives Conducted:

A drive was conducted regarding water leakages/seepages through window glasses and roof.

A drive was conducted to check the corrosion near toilets areas of SLR coaches.

Retro fitment of Bio-toilets:

One full rake of Padmavathi Express was formed having bio toilets. This was positively acknowledged by GM/SCR during a press conference and invoked very good coverage in media.

Overhauled CBCs:

One complete rake of AP Express was formed having all the CBCs duly overhauled. This has resulted in substantial reduction in the jerks. Second rake of AP Express will be completed in July-2013.

Monitoring of OBHS with surveillance camera:

For monitoring of OBHS activities, surveillance camera has been fixed inside CZ AC coach and another outside near cabin door.


Source : South Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-11-2013  

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